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MidSouth Electric Co-op is offering Residential Members the opportunity to participate in its community solar program by subscribing to MidSouth Solar Energy and agreeing to purchase blocks of power equivalent to 100 kWh each (“Solar Block”) to be credited against the Member’s electric usage on each month’s bill (“Solar Block Credit”). 

Solar Block Credit(s) Terms & Conditions:

  • Available to Standard Residential Billed Members only.
  • Applied to one meter location assigned to one membership number.
  • Non-transferable from one membership to another (Members may transfer Solar Block Credits from the Member’s residential meter location to another residential meter location belonging to the same Member within the MidSouth Service Territory).
  • Not accumulative and must be applied each month or lost.
  • Cannot exceed a Member’s actual electric usage in any one month.
  • Subject to minimum and maximum allowed credits established by the MidSouth Electric. 
  • Price is guaranteed for a term of 60 months.

# of Blocks
Price per Solar Block
Solar Block Credit
1 Block (minimum)
100 kWh
2 Blocks
200 kWh
3 Blocks
300 kWh
4 Blocks
400 kWh
5 Blocks
500 kWh

(date paid)
(due monthly)
Term of Agreement Start Date:*
(5 years = 60 months)
Term of Agreement End Date: *
(5 years = 60 months)
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2022 MidSouth Solar Application & Subscription Agreement

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